It’s Bike Week and the twitternets are alive with photos and videos of all sorts of things in cycle lanes, that is apart from bikes !

The Twitter campaign ( although I had suggested the hashtag #WhoseLaneIsItAnyway 🙂 ) was initiated by a number of cyclists backed by Dublin Cycling Campaign in order to highlight the extent of illegal blocking and obstruction of cycle lanes throughout the country.

I put together a webpage that displays the most recent tweets tagged with and which contain photos or video content.

You can check out out the feed here freethecyclelanes.vool.ie or if you are looking for something similar for your own hashtag campaign you can grab the source code.

If you find cycle lanes illegally blocked be sure to tweet details tagging them with .

The videos in the feed are animated by my PreViewTube jQuery plugin.

Update 23rd June 2015

My domain registrar were having a sale on .space domains, not one to pass up a bargain I registered freethecyclelanes.space
€1.07 well spent !

Update January 2020

Due to Twitter’s API limits this site will only display the most recent tweets. If you are interested in viewing all the media posted with the hashtag you should check out this new site I created called
Cycle Space Invaders, it collates all the postings since day 1.

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