Circus Festival

I have been using Linux as my OS of choice for over a decade now and while I find most tasks easier than they would be on Windows/Mac there are times where it has been more of a challenge. Probably the most frustrating of these for me has been designing for print. While I have gotten it almost there in the past I have never been totally happy with a print job (mainly colour issues), that is until now. So to celebrate I am going to share the first print job created using FLOSS software that I am 100% happy with !

The time properly setting up colour profiles and calibrating screens and printer was well spent. In case you are wondering my workflow was GIMP and Inkscape for image preparation (bitmap and vector assets respectively) Scribus for layout, exported to pdf with embedded colour profiles.

Anyway enough about colour the job was for the Tralee Circus Festival/National Circus Festival of Ireland a great festival which take place in Tralee every November, download the programme and be sure to check it out!



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