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Well, my new years resolution for this year (actually come to think of it, I am sure it was one of last years unrealised resolutions too) was to finish off all the projects and ideas I have in various states of completion. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have around ten of these complete, or should I say resolved !

So to start with an easy one, this is a web-page I created sometime last year, all it needed was a place to live.

I just registered, that’s one down !

A bit of background

As kids growing up on the main route to Fenit we learned to tell if there was a cargo boat visiting or not despite being over 10 kilometres away from the port. Nuggets of coal on the road side was a sure sign but there were also less subtle indicators, a stream of empty trucks rattling west and laden upon return was a give away.

That was the 80’s when coal imports were the mainstay of the port, but there was also Liebherr’s crane exports. These were not as easy to spot as due to their size and speed they often stole by while we slept, but we had our ways… if the local traffic lights were lying on the ground you could be guaranteed a crane was en-route, and with that there was a boat from some far off port with the same destination.

But the world moves on, Fenit no longer handles any imports, but is still kept busy with crane exports, but even these are harder to spot, a few years back some genius had the idea to put traffic lights on hinges !
is simple webpage which aims to answer the enduring question, is there a boat in Fenit ?

Update – 19th February

Just in case anyone is interested I have uploaded the code for the site to GitHub.

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  1. Derry Nash says:

    Do you know why the UHL Flair, having left Fenit on Friday or Saturday turned back and is now (monday morning) anchored in Tralee Bay.