Goodiepal @ 50 Poster

Here’s a poster I designed for a tour of Ireland by eccentric Danish musician/artist/cyclist Goodiepal.

I think I first became aware of Goodiepal (and his many aliases) in 2003 when I came across his album Nag Nag Bacon in a record shop.  I am pretty sure I bought it based on it’s design, it’s a beautiful  double picture disc with amazing intricate etchings on one side of each of the discs, but the music was equally nuts!

Over the years Goodiepal has pushed boundaries with his releases, notoriously putting out records containing signed blank cheques, his debit card details and even an album containing a 500 Kroner note which was twice the amount that the record cost to buy! He also released vinyl records with no audio and others in shape of jigsaw pieces, circular saw blades and other sculptural shapes.

The tour happens to coincide with his 50th birthday, so when it came to thinking about a poster I thought what better than a vinyl birthday cake !




The promo for the tour also featured a phone-line, you can ring 066 4025176 to hear a message about the tour from Goodiepal himself and leave a birthday greeting.

In order to get the word out about this some lo-fi photocopy posters were created and fly posted,  this poster design featured the text from one of Goodiepal’s emails received while organising the tour,  in his unique style of deconstructed language.



The tour takes in Dublin, Kerry, Cork and Limerick be sure to head along it you are nearby, for details check out

Thanks to Christy’s Homebakery for the icing skillz.

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