Cycle Space Invaders

The social media campaign was initiated in 2015  in order to highlight the extent of illegal blocking and obstruction of cycle lanes throughout the country.

Cycle Space Invaders a website which is powered by posts on Twitter, it was created to both collate all of the  associated media posts and to help gamify the campaign.

The title and design of the site is inspired by the era of 8-bit arcade games, and it makes use of gamification techniques in order to encourage users to post (photos/videos) of vehicles parked in cycle-lanes. Points are awarded for each post based on a set of criteria, the site also features a leaderboard and every user who posts with gets a player profile page cataloging  all of their posts.

The website not only gives visibility to historic posts but it also serves to break these posts out of Twitter making them accessible and highlighting these issues to those outside of the social media bubble.



Update: January 2021
The site also now tracks #KissTheGatesGoodbye

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